​​​​​Couples4Life.com  originated on June 10th, 2005 while returning on our honeymoon flight from San Carlos, Mexico.  At the age of 41, I had finally found and just married the man of my dreams, Tim!  The idea came to me up there on Cloud 9, (literally 30,000 feet in the sky!) how I could use one of my great passions of helping others in their relationships.

Prior to meeting Tim, I spent many of my adult years reading on the subject of relationships, communication between the sexes, negotiable vs. non-negotiable traits in a future mate, love languages, love and acceptance of self before truly loving others, recognizing a healthy relationship and having the strength to let go of the not-so-healthy ones.   With every new discovery and insight, I'd eagerly share these books and ideas with my friends and they would also feel encouraged in their relationship challenges.

My purpose and dream for Couples4LIfe.com is to share and spread the word of the many great resources available today for couples for encouragement, communication, connection and intimacy.  

Melanie Allums

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