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Pocket Ungame, Couples Version

By Talicor Inc.

The Ungame, Couples Version is a unique way to enjoy sharing opinions, feelings and beliefs. To increase understanding of yourself and others. Deck 1 may be used as an ice breaker, to get better acquainted, and for fun and laughter. While Deck 2 can be used to share feelings, to talk about values and to relate experiences. Contains 140 cards. No special knowledge required

​​Games for Couples

The Discovery Game: For a Married Couple

By Ken Bankston / K & M Productions

Whether you have been married a brief time or many decades, have a solid marriage or one that needs a shot in the arm, The discovery Game creates an atmosphere that is exhilarating- where conversation, fun and romance result naturally. This unique resource allows you and your spouse to pursue true intimacy at a pace tailor made to fit your relationship.

One of the greatest things about The Discovery Game is that it doesn't feel like you are working on your marriage! You're just having fun! Get The Discovery Game for less than it costs to go out to dinner, and be ready to pull a great date out of the box- anytime!

Included with the game is a small easy to read booklet and CD which contain valuable biblical insights into what God has purposed for you, your spouse and your marriage.

A Focus on the Family recommendation


​​An Enchanting Evening Game

By Time For Two

Add spice, romance, and flirty fun! Intimate board game for married couples includes 100 activity cards, 25 wish cards, and two game pieces. Each player rolls the die, moves the token, chooses a card, reads it aloud, and responds as directed. The first one to reach Finish wins his/her personal wish.
-  Plan for relaxation and intimacy
-  consider candlelight, soft music, firelight
-  wear comfortable lounging clothes
-  serve up tantalizing snacks and beverages
-  in this game, both partners win! Instructions included; bestselling game for husbands and wives; the game just sets the stage, it's the players that make it an Enchanted Evening.

Conversation Starters for Husbands and Wives

By Christian Art Gifts

Husbands and wives: no matter how many years you've been together, here is a fun way to open up new topics of conversation. Chalkboard style Q & A cards include 88 great start-up questions, with Scripture and a quote to remember. Designed by Rob Teigen; each card is printed on both sides 3" x 2".


Couple's Kindle Cards - A Fun Way to Promote Growth, Intimacy & More Connection in your Relationship by Cards2Action

CREATE MORE EMOTIONAL AND PHYSICAL INTIMACY in your relationship by trying out these fun, creative, and powerful weekly action steps
BASED ON RESEARCH FINDINGS AND EXPERT RECOMMENDATIONS, Couple's Kindle Cards address the WHOLE relationship by including action steps that will assist in improving emotional, physical, sexual, mental, social, environmental, and financial well being in your relationship (just to name a few!).
TIME AND BUDGET FRIENDLY action steps that can be universally applied to support any marriage or established couple
A PERFECT GIFT for Valentine's Day Gift, Anniversary Gift, Wedding Gift, or Birthday Gift for your Spouse
AFFORDABLE! Receive a smart, strategic year-long action plan all for less than the price of going out to dinner!

Fan the Flames: A Game of Romance & Fantasy for Two!

By Time For Two

This wonderfully romantic game is perfect for any two people who want to light the fires of romance and keep them burning brightly! Players will have fun discovering each other's romantic preferences and sharing each other's fantasies. The two players then take turns picking Guess Cards, trying to guess each other's answers to entertaining, interesting, and playful questions. If the player guesses correctly, the player moves up a space on the board, the player also chooses a Flame Card. These cards offer choices of romantic things to do and are written so that they can be experienced as either light and playful or more intimate. A game by Time for Two.


To Know You... Better, Game

By Time For Two

To Know You Better is a fun game for couples - dating, engaged, or married - to get to know each other better. The 240 cards, divided into 4 categories, will keep you laughing as you answer questions on a variety of topics. The game does not involve any physical intimacy, and the cards are carefully written to avoid discussions that might be embarrassing or uncomfortable.

Simply Romantic Nights: Igniting Passion In Your Marriage

By Dennis & Barbara Rainey / Familylife

For your marriage: add romance, ignite passion, experience adventure and love in new and exciting ways with Simply Romantic Nights game, created by Family Life Today. Glossy black and purple box opens to display a kit of proven ideas, tips, games, quizzes, and surprises guaranteed to add fresh sizzle to your relationship. His and Her cards encourage special events to create that will enhance connection and intimacy; learn how to build anticipation, set the stage; initiate new ways to compliment and romance your life-time sweetheart. Interactive book included features Ten Commandments of Intimacy, lists to share, recipes, mood-setters, and child-care options.