-FUN PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT IN A SUPPORTIVE ATMOSPHERE - Gather friends and family for a fun and meaningful experience. Learn and grow together while sharing stories, completing fun exercises, and committing to empowering actions and goals.
-REAL WORLD ACTION AND ACCOUNTABILITY - The game challenges players to commit to real world action AFTER the game, and to hold each other accountable. Players commit to everything from random acts of kindness to getting more exercise or writing a letter of gratitude. Proven principles of positive psychology help players grow and better enjoy their daily lives.
-MEANINGFUL CONVERSATION AND CONNECTION - Quickly connect with other fellow players. Break free from boring small-talk and idle chit chat!
AMAZING RELATIONSHIP-BUILDER - For Family, Friends and Couples, Team-Builder, and Ice-Breaker, the game brings players closer together.

Games for Friends

Better Me, the Game of Growth: Fun Self Improvement w/ Family and Friends, for Healthy Relationships.

This new version of our popular Original edition has 25% updated questions
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135 thought-provoking questions inspire the best kinds of conversation at dinner parties, family gatherings, or any time you want to break the ice.
A fun way for family and friends to reconnect and discover more about themselves and each other
Created for adults but appropriate for ages 12+

TABLETOPICS Original - 10th Anniversary Edition: Questions to Start Great Conversations