The Couples Ungame card game was a gift given to me by a friend who saw it on the website.  I was  celebrating my one year anniversary with my boyfriend out of town and we decided to bring the game along.  One evening we sat down and started playing.  To my surprise, I learned so many new things about my boyfriend.  He opened up and shared feelings and experiences  I never knew he had.  We laughed, we cried and discussed things that normally would be uncomfortable, but it was very special...and fun!  I never would have dreamed he would have even played the game with me, but he was the one who couldn't put it down!  We had never communicated on a level like that before!  Thank you to my friend and for the game and the wonderful experience!

- Peggy D.  Phoenix, AZ

​I agree whole-heartedly with the concepts in the book, Finding Your Million Dollar Mate.  Most of us have made relationshop mistakes in the past, leaving God's Will out of the process. This book was purchased through and is clear on the very best way to begin a relationship - getting to know people spiritually as well as socially.  Go with God the first step and every other one!

- Jan A. Colorado Springs, CO

​We would love to hear from you!  Please submit through the "Contact" tab above is a wonderful wesite!  My fiancee and I bought "The 5 Love Languages" from this website and many other relationship books, couples devotionals and games on having a strong and loving marriage.  We enjoy reading the books together and learning more about each other plus having some fun with the games.  "Your Best Life Now" book, I also found on this website, changed my life.  It changed my persepctive that God wants so much for us then we could ever imagine.  I had been living my life with the "cheese and cracker" mentality and God wants to give you a life filled with joy, faith and victory.  

The article , "Negotiables vs. Non-Negotiables found in the Single & Searching section, is a great tool for dating singles. I applied these principles prior to meeting my fiancee.  Before you start a new relationship you need to define for yourself what you are really looking for.  What are your most important needs?  These are called, non-negotiables.  Then after you have defined these think about what a bonus would be?  these are the negotiables. This tool really helped me envision the man I was looking for and that I wouldn't settle for anything less.  PLUS I ended up saving myself a lot of time with the wrong ones that did not meet my needs and moved on to the next date!  I ended up finding my future husband and he has all my non-negotiables and my negotiables!  God is an amazing and giving God but you first have to envisioin it and have a definition before you will receive it.

I would highly recommend this site if you want to improve your communication and relationship with your significant other of spouse!

Christine A. Yorba Linda, CA